Software Archival Solutions That Minimize Spend


We recently worked with a client to help develop a cloud archival strategy to eliminate the need to add Rackspace in their DC colocation. Their primary storage – physical data storage – was becoming too expensive to maintain.


The answer was clear. Archive their production data into the cloud, massage that data into metrics-driven indexing and reporting, leverage a SOC2 / PCI compliant cloud architecture and cut storage costs.


By leveraging software archival solutions, we can help your business implement indexing search capabilities, reporting, data tiering, long-term archival, and the ability to move data in and out of a secure cloud architecture. Bridge IT Consulting has helped organizations support this more efficient storage environment and we can help your IT organization implement a cloud archival strategy that fits your business needs as well.

Looking to reduce your physical storage footprint and migrate to the cloud for better data insights, cost savings, and a more scalable approach to managing your business?

Bridge IT Consulting specializes in assisting companies migrate mission critical data and business processes from on-prem to an effective cloud architecture. Whether it makes sense in your case to eliminate an entire data center footprint, save money with cloud archival strategies, introduce or enhance your DR roadmap, or just cut back on physical disk costs, we’re here to help. Speak with a Bridge IT Account Executive today to find out how you can start saving and scaling your business right now.

Success Stories

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A valued SAAS customer of ours reached out to articulate a rather complex dilemma.
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We recently worked with a client to help develop a cloud archival strategy to eliminate
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Our client came to Bridge IT with a very large AWS problem. The company had