Managed Prisma Cloud

Complete security guided by experience

Bridge IT Consulting’s Prisma Cloud Managed Service puts Prisma Cloud’s comprehensive security suite in the hands of Bridge’s own expert team to ensure no measure of protection goes untapped.

Have specific security or compliance goals in mind? We’ve got you covered! Our experts work alongside your team to integrate the market’s leading cloud security package into your public, private, and hybrid cloud environments:

  • without the vast overhead, manpower, and resource commitment of an in-house approach
  • with tailored detection and response that continually evolves as data is gathered.


Our Prisma Cloud Managed Service is uniquely positioned to deliver this unparalleled visibility throughout any stage of the development lifecycle.

Bridge IT Managed vs. Client Manage

Cloud Security Posture

Bridge IT
Industry Average

Cloud Visibility

Bridge IT
Industry Average

Cloud Network Security

Bridge IT
Industry Average

With Bridge IT, you can expect:

  • Experts with a decade of experience deploying, managing, and securing cloud infrastructure for enterprise clients
  • An analytically-driven approach that evolves with the data
  • More bang for your buck—Bridge clients have seen up to 100% increases in feature adoption, and in some cases, more than 90% cost savings through optimized license consumption.
  • Top-tier support, as evidenced by our 99% customer retention rate.
Prisma Cloud Managed Service from Bridge IT Consulting helps your organization utilize every ounce of functionality today’s most powerful security tools have to offer    

Cloud code security

Integrate and perform infrastructure and application security in the CI/CD pipeline

Cloud Security Posture Management

Monitor posture, detect and respond to threats, and maintain compliance

Cloud Workload Protection

Secure hosts, containers,
and serverless across the
application cycle

Cloud Network Security

Gain network visibility, enforce microsegmentation, and secure trust boundaries

Identity Security

Enforce permissions and secure identities across workloads and clouds

IAM Security and Microsegmentation

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security

Data Security

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)


Services: Comprehensive Prisma Cloud ® Portfolio offering covering

IAM Security and Microsegmentation

Prisma Cloud eliminates the manual process of privilege determination that can be difficult and insecure to manage at times of massive user expansion. Advanced identity-based microsegmentation and automated tools meet the unique needs of each branch of your organization and leave less room for backdoor threats or cross-contamination.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security (aka “shift-left security”)

  • VCS (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc)
  • Terraform / Cloudformation / Docker / Helm
  • CI/CD integration (GitHub Actions, Jenkins, etc)


  • Comprehensive multi-cloud CSPM (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc):
    • Continuous-assessment of cloud infrastructure security
    • Compliance evaluation and reporting
    • (optional) Automated-remediation and response capability

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

  • Serverless Security (Lambda, etc)
  • Host security (EC2, etc)
  • Container security (build-time, runtime, registry scanning, etc)
  • Kubernetes security (AKS, EKS, GKE, self-managed k8s, etc)

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

Full security goes beyond prevention. Prisma Cloud’s data classification/governance and continuous malware scanning ensure that those threats that can’t be prevented are detected and managed.