Simplifying and Scaling Complicated AWS Architecture


Our client came to Bridge IT with a very large AWS problem.  The company had grown quickly, but now their cloud environment was having trouble scaling, was extremely expensive, and there was little no visibility, bringing up major security and control concerns.


After our discovery of 12 AWS accounts and 32 AWS services, Bridge IT was able to develop a full comprehensive plan for simplifying the entire environment.  

The result of our assessment and then redesign and architecture work was based on the 5 pillars of a well architected AWS environment — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. 

The Bridge IT team built solutions that were built for 100% uptime, had built in enterprise security capabilities that allowed our client to monitor, detect, and respond to threats, and adhered to each of AWS’ five pillars. 

By doing so, we were able to increase the overall performance of the customer’s production application by 30%. The client also gained full visibility into their security controls, with increased control over secops and techops to manage their AWS environment. Our suite of automation tools allowed us to build a fully automated and cloud agnostic architecture, while reducing outages and unknown application slowdown by 80% to 90%. 

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Our client came to Bridge IT with a very large AWS problem. The company had