Going Beyond Native Cloud Security


A valued SAAS customer of ours reached out to articulate a rather complex dilemma. They received a notification from one of their clients indicating that, in order to remain compliant, they would need to implement IDS / IPS and demonstrate that their gateway into AWS was secured by next generation, virtual firewalls. The project had to adhere to a strict budget and was time sensitive.


Given the breadth of potential solutions we could have deployed in this scenario, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a scalable solution that would allow our customer to benefit from the project from a wholistic, scalable point of view. While satisfying the client requirements remained at the forefront of our minds as we fine tuned our recommended solution, we also wanted to implement a scalable security footprint that accounted for growth.

After interviewing our customer with an emphasis on their overall security posture, we recommended deploying next generation VM firewalls to protect AWS gateways into VPC’s, satisfy client requirements, and allow for growth over time.


Bridge IT Consulting coordinated a plan to deploy a secure, resilient gateway for our customer’s cloud-hosted applications. This was accomplished by implementing the following technologies:

  •  Load balancing solution that accounted for the way our customer interacts with their cloud portfolio
  •  NGFW firewalls
  •  Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to ensure that each subsequent deployment generates the exact same environmental variables each time it is deployed into production

This design provided enterprise-level security features that go above and beyond native cloud security. It enabled our customer to benefit from a feature-rich deployment scenario that could be sustainably handed off to their technology team.

Our design operates at web scale while remaining completely cloud-platform agnostic. This implementation enabled our customer to rest easy knowing their infrastructure fulfills the list of requirements set forth by their client and retains the experience and performance that same client has come to expect.

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A valued SAAS customer of ours reached out to articulate a rather complex dilemma.
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