Using Cloud VPN to Manage a Remote Workforce


Given that our client would likely reinstate their on-premise workforce cadence once it is safe to do so, we proposed leveraging a Cloud VPN solution.

Our concern with deploying a more traditional hardware-based VPN solution was that it would have taken more time to deploy than our client had and cost more than they wanted or needed to spend for this particular engagement.

The cloud-based VPN was a viable solution that ensured our client’s data integrity and allowed them to get up and running from a remote standpoint, all while keeping their business continuity flowing.


We were able to leverage a managed Cloud VPN service provided by one of our most prestigious partners to get our customer’s workforce up and running in a fully remote configuration.

Following the implementation phase of the Cloud VPN service, our customer reported immediate results for a pilot group of users, which enabled them to function from a remote perspective while benefiting from a fully secure connection behind their corporate NGFW’s. The Cloud VPN securely connected their pilot group to hosted applications and SaaS services, now securely accessible from anywhere in the world – a net new technological advancement for their application portfolio.

When that same customer was forced to migrate their entire workforce to a 100% remote situation, they were able to do so without changing anything about their existing Cloud VPN deployment. Our design provided redundancy, increased performance, security, and automatic scalability to fit their needs, even when no one could predict the extent to which they would rely so heavily on the Cloud VPN solution.

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Given that our client would likely reinstate their on-premise workforce cadence once it is safe to do so
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A valued SAAS customer of ours reached out to articulate a rather complex dilemma.