Cloud Security & Compliance Producing Revenue

We are thrilled to share a success story of a large cloud-native customer who faced significant challenges in providing visibility, auditability, and incident response for their containerized workloads hosted on AWS ECS, EKS, and Lambda. At Bridge IT Consulting, we are proud to have enabled this customer to overcome their cloud security challenges with the help of Prisma Cloud’s industry-leading Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) capabilities!

This customer had been struggling for quite some time to effectively secure their cloud-native environment and find a solution that could provide them with the necessary visibility and control they required. But everything changed when they partnered with us and leveraged the power of Prisma Cloud’s CWP capabilities.

Prisma Cloud’s CWP gave them complete visibility into their containerized applications, allowing them to easily monitor and manage their environment. With the help of automated threat detection and response capabilities, they could quickly identify and remediate any issues, ensuring their workloads were always secure.

But that’s not all – Prisma Cloud’s CWP also provided this customer with Prisma Cloud’s CWP and CSPM modules, which helps them meet their regulatory requirements and demonstrate their security posture to their stakeholders. This has had a significant impact on their business, enabling them to win new contracts, fortify their customer relationships, and grow their revenue.

In conclusion, Bridge IT Consulting in partnership with Prisma Cloud’s CWP, has enabled this customer to address their cloud security challenges, providing them with the visibility, auditability, and incident response capabilities they needed to protect their cloud-native environment. We are proud to have been a part of this journey and excited for what lies ahead!

Success Stories

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