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Utilizing On-Premise and Cloud Solutions To Speed Backup Time

The Challenge

Our SAAS customer identified a crucial pain point when they reached out to us, seeking to enhance their overall backup and DR footprint.

The objective was clear. We needed to provide more visibility into our client’s backup heuristics, introduce a diverse DR portfolio that accounted for on-premise and cloud-based architecture, and introduce more realistic recovery times than their current solution offered.

As we drilled into our customer’s existing backup and recovery profile, we found that backups were lagging by actual weeks. 

These insurmountable backup and recovery times resulted from the legacy methods our client inherited, tools such as rsync and traditional copy chugging along in the background.

Our Proposal

Deploy a Backup/DR solution that incorporates an on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure to improve RPO and RTO while eliminating downtime potential with a five-nines standard for our client.

Execution of the Project

Bridge IT designed and deployed a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that couples on-premise and cloud-based architecture.

Our solution accounts for scale and provides a stable environment to consistently deliver exponential data transfer rates, reducing backup lag from weeks to less than 4 hours.

We worked in tandem with our client to migrate existing backup data to the new on-premise appliance and subsequent cloud backups into AWS.

As a bonus, our design helped our client save over 40% in cloud savings by moving off Dynamic File Systems to a lower-cost solution.

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Our SAAS customer identified a crucial pain point when they reached out to us,